Wealth taxes have been in the news recently, with proponents arguing that they would offer social and economic benefits and opponents warning that they would pose severe problems. American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Alan D. Viard explains what exactly a wealth tax is, and how adopting... More >>

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Salary Reveal Shows Shocking Gender Pay Gap
Men and women with the same job told each other their salary in a [decidedly unscientific] experiment set up by Glamour magazine. The answers were never the same, and most of the men made a substantial amount more than the women. Glamour's Meredith Clark discusses the findings on CBSN.
No Fracking Way: The Natural Gas Boom Is Doing More Harm Than Good
Natural gas, touted for its environmental, economic, and national security benefits, is often thought of as the fuel that will “bridge” our transition from oil and coal to renewables. The ability to extract natural gas from shale formations through a method called hydraulic ...
The Fiscal Consequences of the Affordable Care Act
On Monday, May 21st, e21 held an event: "Medicare Numbers Examined," an animated discussion between Jared Bernstein and Charles Blahous concerning the fiscal consequences of the health care law.
Obesity Is the Government's Business
An Intelligence Squared debate: With 33% of adults and 17% of children obese, the U.S. is facing an obesity epidemic. A major risk factor for expensive, chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, it costs our health care system nearly $150 billion a year. Should government...
Rep. Paul Ryan on Reforming Entitlements
Rep. Paul Ryan discusses the future of entitlements at a House Budget Committee hearing. 
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